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Incremental stress from athletic training is necessary to bring a horse to peak condition. This response to training is called an adaptive response. By stressing the horse, the adaptive response (increased fitness) is achieved. But this adaptation comes at a cost at the cellular level. Managing this "cost" is the single most important factor in bringing your horse into top condition without injury or illness.

APF helps offset this cost. A proprietary extract of adaptogens, APF acts with the cell to improve the adaptive response to stress, enhancing metabolism, reducing build-up of metabolic wastes, and accelerating recovery of normal function.

Without APF, stress starves the cell of energy, quickly impacting the health of your horse. The build-up of complex molecules called beta-lipoproteins inhibits the cell's ability to access glucose. These molecules prevent the enzyme, hexokinase, from rapidly metabolizing glucose, which is the cell's energy or fuel. The result is that the cell receives too little energy and its ability to carry out its subtle and complicated functions is greatly reduced.

Immune function is also affected by stress. Numerous studies have shown that stress can significantly suppress the immune system - leaving your horse at serious risk of infection.

With APF, the metabolic effects of stress are counteracted. The active principles of APF are glycosides (plant sugars). These glycosides work to facilitate hexokinase activity, thus allowing this critical enzyme to do its job of transforming glucose into energy for the cell. They also help prevent the build-up of beta-lipoproteins. The result is more energy within the cell.

Adaptogens have also been used successfully to help heal ulcers, currently a topic of considerable interest to every trainer, owner or rider of a performance horse. In particular, Schizandra chinensis (Chinese Magnolia Vine) is believed to help suppress excessive stomach acid. It is also valuable for its ability to improve recovery from fatigue and exhaustive physical work, and to increase the quantitative and qualitative ability for performing physical work. In a published study done in 1989 entitled, "Studies on the Effect of Schizandra chinensis Extract on Horses Submitted to Exercise and Maximum Effort", Schizandra chinensis was shown to "augment the utilization of oxygen and improve the gaseous exchange in the lungs and cells. This in turn would result in a better recovery of the respiratory frequency after an intense physical effort."

Rhodiola rosea (Golden Root) has been shown to increase the utilization of lipids (fats) as an energy source, another area of great interest in performance horses of all types, especially endurance. Finally Echinopanax elatus (Asian Devil's Club) has been shown to have a beneficial effect on both blood sugar and cardiac function.

Intelligent conditioning and training are the foundations to a winning performance. But success often lies in the details. Details such as making the right choice in supplements. If you've been looking for a different answer...you need...


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