Day Sheet

A  Our custom sheet range includes the essentials for every horse owner. The contour fitted Day Sheet goes beyond simple utility. Available in poly cotton hose duck fabric, a brilliant Tattersall or the classic triple- weave plaid, you get durability with style. All Triple Crown Custom Sheets can be completely personalized in detail, color and monogram for stylish protection. #356055

Standard Features:
Bias surcingle
Two buckle front closure
Tail strap
Hidden surcingle


  Left to right: Leslie Burr Howard, Karen O'Connor, Todd Minikus. 


Rain Sheet

Protection from the elements. The Triple Crown Custom Rain Sheet features a straight cut, 100% nylon shell with a cotton poly blended lining. An optional extended neck gives added rain protection. #236805

Standard Features:
Straight cut
Regular neck
Two buckle front closure
Tail strap
Hidden surcingles

Irish Knit

C The Irish Knit Anti-Sweat evenly cools out your horse in less time than a wool cooler. The lightweight fabric is extremely absorbent and comes in a wide range of colors and natural.

Colors #256725    Natural #256695

All-In-OneTM Sheet

D  If there is only going to be one this is the one. The All-in-OneTM Sheet combines the sturdiness of a Day Sheet, the protection of a fly sheet and the wickability of an Irish Knit. Made of a poly-cotton blend, the fabric comes in a wide range of colors and natural with coordinating trim and piping colors.

Colors #246335   Natural #246305