Classic Wool Dress Sheet

A  Nothing says show ready more than the Triple Crown Custom Dress Sheet. The luxurious Woolrich® wool was chosen for it’s remarkable durability and soft touch. Long chosen as the award blanket for prestigious events around the world, the dress sheet comes complete with coordinating body, trim and piping colors of your choice. Several monogram or embroidery variations will further personalize your sheet. #326405

Standard Features:
Heavy Woolrich® woolen fabrics
Hand-sewn hip ornament
Contour or straight cut
Hidden surcingle
Leather buckle chest closure
Monograms beautifully

Light Weight Wool & Quarter Sheet

B  Light Weight Wool Dress Sheet brings versatility to the classic features of the dress sheet and is the American Horse Shows Association’s preferred award blanket. This lightweight wool is ideally suited for the warmer climes of Wellington or Indio, and easily outfits your horse for any event. The lightweight version has all of the features of the Classic Wool Dress Sheet. #326505

C Wool Quarter Sheet #756445

Standard Features:
An ideal exercise blanket
Can be worn under saddle
Leather girth cut out

D  Wool Cooler  Available in the same wools as the dress sheets, our wool cooler is the perfect robe for your horse after a workout or for the walk from the wash stall. Designed for easy dressing, the straight cut cooler quickly wicks away moisture and provides needed warmth. #404005

Standard Features:
Straight cut only
Easy nylon tie closures
Extended neck



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